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The WhosThe WhensThe Wheres

The Whos (names & numbers)

Dr. Jay Markson(CMC): 303.830.7337  (ask for Betty Bridges)
Dr. Noah Makovsky: 303.399.7900

Family Doctor
Dr. McCallum: 303.388.4076

Emergency Doctor
Dr. Heidi Tesler: 303.520.7282

Pediatric Emergency Doctor after Hours
Hospital (Westside): 303.777.1234 Lutherans
Hospital (Downtown): 303.837.7111 St. Joseph’s

Dr. Susan Moison: 303.322.2240

Strep Tests (West Side)
Mrs. Bracha Steinberg: 201.450.0437

Questions on Vaad Hakashrus Certification
Rabbi Rosskamm: 303.949.0673 or 303.595.9349

Rabbi Berkowitz: 303.573.0602

Tag Office
Rabbi Berkowitz: 303.573.0602

Chaverim Number ( car boosts, flat tire, lockouts, out of gas )  303-591-5794

Bikur Cholim of Denver


Mrs. Bracha Steinberg 201.450.0437

Sorala Krigsman Baby Gemach
[car seats (infant, toddler, booster), snap and go frame, single stroller, pack and plays, portable swing, doorway jumper, highchair, hiking backpack, bath]
Mrs. Elisheva Zeiger 303-893-0075

The Whens (dates & times)

Calendar of Events

HAOD begins: August 27

Yeshiva begins: August 24

BYD begins: August 27

Bnos/Pirchei begins: First Shabbos after Succos

BYD Luncheon & play; February

Lag Ba’omer Bonfire: Lag Ba’omer

West Side Picnic: June, after school

BYD graduation: Mid June

Zera Abraham Dinner: End May

YTC Graduation: End June


Shacharis at Zera Abraham
Monday & Thursday: 6:10 am

Sun, Tue, Wed, Fri: 6:20 am

S, M, T, W, Th, F: 8:00 am

Shabbos: 8:30 am

Shacharis at Yeshiva Toras Chaim
S, M, T, W, Th, F: 7:30 am

Shabbos: 8:00 am

Mincha/Maariv at Zera Abraham
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Shul Kiddush
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JCC Swim

Men’s Hours Thursday Nights: 7:30 pm- 8:30 pm
Women’s Hours Monday Nights: 7:30 pm- 8:30 pm


The Wheres (directions & addresses)

Where to Shop

East Side Kosher Deli: 499 S. Elm Street (free deliveries on Friday)

King Soopers: Colfax & Wadsworth (closest to West Side)

Wal-Mart: Sheridan & 20th (cheap grocery & delivery online)

Target: Sheridan & 17th (cheap grocery)

Sprouts: 38th & Wolff (fruits and vegetables)

Vitamin Cottage: Colfax past Wadsworth (health products)

Costco- West Side: 52nd & Wadsworth (closest to WS, 3.96% food tax)

Costco: Santa Fe Blvd. (some kosher items, 1% PI tax)

Costco: East Side Left on Florida (from ES) (many kosher items, no food tax)

Trader Joe’s: 8th & Colorado (many kosher products)

Whole Food Stores: Belmar (specialty food, “Whole Check”)

Food Preparation
Cooked/Baked Goods: 303.623.1783 (Mrs. S. Muller)

Liver and Dips: 720.612.7255 (Stern)

Eat Out
Kosher Establishments (Hashgachos Vary – Cholov Yisorel and Non Cholov Yisroel)
Bonnie Brae Ice Cream
799 S. University Blvd.
Denver, CO 80209
Brooklyn Pizza
890 S. Monaco Pkwy, Unit 7
Denver, CO 80224
East Side Kosher Deli
499 S. Elm St.
Denver, CO 80246
Haykin Family Cidery
12001 E 33rd Ave.
Aurora, CO 80010
High Point Creamery
1) 215 S. Holly St.
Denver, CO 80222
2) 3977 Tennyson St.
Denver, C0 80212
King Soopers Store # 35 (303)333-1535
890 S. Monaco Pkwy
(Leetsdale & Monaco)
Denver, CO 80224
In-store bakery
King Soopers Store # 26 (303)758-1210
6470 East Hampden Ave
Denver, CO 80222
In-store bakery
King Soopers Store # 124 (303)320-3100 4600 Leetsdale Drive
Denver, CO 80246
In-store bakery
King Soopers Store # 100 (303)793-9080
4910 S. Yosemite
Denver, CO 80111
In-store bakery
King Soopers Store # 61 (303)443-9622 1650 30th St.
Boulder, CO 80301
In-store bakery

Uniforms: 303.534.1452 (Sara Crystal)

Hosiery/Shells: 303.825.7904 (Chaya Abrams)

Cherry Creek Mall: Nordstrom, Macy’s, Talbots, outlet stores

Colorado Mills: Neiman Marcus, outlet stores

Belmar: Nordstrom Rack, Target, Michaels, Old Navy

Park Meadows

Aspen Grove Talbots, Banana Republic, Gap Stores

Little Feet Colorado & 1st Ave., close to Cherry Creek Mall

Hancock Fabrics: 44th & Wadsworth
Hobby Lobby: Belmar

Michaels: Belmar

Paper Goods
Dollar Store (cheapest) Colfax, between Sheridan and Wadsworth

Target 17th and Sheridan

Costco: see above (Where to Shop… Food)

Dry Cleaners
Gigantic Cleaners: 20th and Wadsworth

2-3 years…….Mrs. Adina Maravilla

3-4 years…….Mrs. Esti Erlanger

Preschool Aish Denver (Southeast)

When– Shabbos afternoons: 2:00 pm-3:30 pm
Where– Bais Yaakov
Ages– 3 (toilet trained) through 8th grade

When–Shabbos afternoons: 4:00 pm- 5:30 pm (look for exact, weekly time in ZA newsletter)
Where– Yeshiva Toras Chaim
Ages– 1st grade through 8th grade

BYD Chessed Program
Bais Yaakov girls “adopt” a family to help out for 1 hour/week
Call Mrs. Chaya Meyer at BYD for details 303.893.1333

Call Your Buddy for help navigating

School Times
Grade P-8 begin 8:25 am
Grade P-5 end 3:30 pm
Grade 6-8 end 4:15 pm
Sunday 9:00 am-12:00 pm
Monday-Thursday 8:25 am-4:45, 5:40, 6:15 pm
Friday 8:25 am-1:00, 2:00 pm

Keilim Mikvah
Corner of Quitman Ave. and 14th Ave., right side of building
Code: Call a Board Member or 303-476-3909.

Mikvah Tahara
Corner of Quitman and 14th, around left side of building, facing Quitman
Call Mrs. Rachel Mishory 303.931.1542

Directions to Common Places
East Side
Drive down Colfax, towards downtown. Turn right on Speer Boulevard. Continue on Speer (turns into 1st street) past Cherry Creek Mall. Make a right on Leetsdale (past Target)…

Hillel Academy
(Drive to East Side) …Continue down Leetsdale. Make a left on Hudson Street. HAOD is on the right.

East Side Kosher Deli
(Drive to East Side) …Continue down Leetsdale. Make a right on Elm Street. You will see ESKD.

Southeast Side
Take US-6 East to I-25 South. Take the exit for E. Bellevue. Make a left at the first light. Pass Aish Denver on right.

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