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Simply put: Jobs and Housing. Available for everyone in the greater Denver Jewish Community, this program includes a strong network for job placement, through strong contacts in all professional areas. The initiative also addresses the acute needs of housing in our neighborhood, by identifying availabilities, whether for rent, sale or new construction. By providing for these basic needs whether for those currently living in Denver, or for those wishing to relocate, the impact of JEDI has been, and continues to be, the backbone of our community building efforts.

Here are some job links:

    Connecting Colorado (Listings collated by the state – you can see jobs without creating an account, but can only apply with one. Click on ‘Job Seeker’ to start your search. If you want to set up an account, click on ‘create a new account’, if you want to look around first, click on ‘quick search’):

    LinkedIn- We can help you get comfortable with LinkedIn if you are not familiar with it yet:

  • LinkedIn.

Dish Network (Satellite Provider):
Vivage (Nursing Home Chain):

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