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Women of the Westside (WoW)

The Women of the Westside is a wonderful collection of vibrant and active committees of the remarkable women of the Westside community. They provide a myriad of communal services, including chessed, learning and social opportunities.

What follows is a basic explanation of how WoW is organized, and a brief description of what services each respective committee provides.

In general, the focus of the WoW, is to not only provide these services in an effective, streamlined fashion in which responsibilities are evenly distributed, but it also aims to provide a framework in which there can be continuous healthy interaction between all the women of community, both through working together for common purpose, and through lively and entertaining social events and learning opportunities.


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WoW President: Mrs. Chaya Abrams

Mrs. Abrams functions as the entry point for all services of WoW. Whenever a need for services of WoW is identified, she is the initial contact person. She assesses the need and determines which committees will be involved and to what extent.

As she follows the progress as each need is being met, she also ensures that there is no overlapping of efforts. It is important to bear in mind that the committees should not be appealed to directly for their respective services, but rather only through Mrs. Abrams.

In addition, she is the individual who oversees each committee to make sure that it is operating properly in its respective function, and facilitates adjustment to each committee as needed.

The Four Branches of WoW

The services provided by WoW are categorized in four branches, under which all the committees are contained, each of which will be explained in turn.


1. Chessed Branch, Chairwoman: Mrs. Chaya Abrams

The majority of the WoW committees are found under this branch, which of course, provides Chessed. The committees are intended to be structured in a fashion to ensure that the responsibilities are widely distributed, so that every woman has the opportunity to be involved, and that the burden of getting the job done does not fall upon just a few people alone. In this way, a need can be met without undue pressure and stress, rather in an organized and pleasant fashion.


2. Crisis & Immediate Need Branch, Chairwoman: Mrs. Dobbie Rosskamm

This Branch addresses crisis needs, where services are required immediately, and the chessed committees cannot supply the immediate needs. This is a retention of the system that has always been our tradition: When one of us in trouble, we are all ready to respond to the call, and step forward to get it done.


3. Social Programming & Events Branch, Chairwoman: Mrs. Rachel Maultasch

This branch is crucial and basic to the mission of WoW and its importance cannot be overstated. It vital to have opportunities to get together and enjoy each other’s company with entertaining activities, good food and a nice time out. This branch facilities both indoor events, as well as organized outings.


4. Learning Opportunities Branch, Chairwoman: Mrs. Aliza Bulow and Mrs. Karin Yanez

This branch organizes shiurim for women, both in the Shul and in private homes.

The Committees of WoW

Freezer Committee, Heads: Mrs. Chani Kagan and Mrs. Meira Zussman

A constant variety of home-cooked frozen meals is maintained in WoW freezer located in the Shul. In general, meals provided by this committee are meant to meet a short-term need, while long-term needs that are typically met by one of the other committees are sometimes also addressed by the committee. For instance, if a long-term need for a family arises late in the day, and it would be hardship to have a meal cooked for them fresh, then the first meal can be provided by the freezer committee.


Kimpaturim (after baby), Head: Mrs. Aliza Chernitzsky

Mazel Tov! When a baby is born, this committee provides dinner for the family for an extended period of time, so that all can enjoy their simcha over good delicious meals, all with ease.


Long Term Care, Heads: Mrs. Esti Erlanger and Mrs. Aviva Polter

When a long-term need is identified, such as due to a shiva, illness or hospital stay, this committee helps maintain order and organization within the house and provide meals and other services are they are needed.


Child Care, Head: Mrs. Miriam Joseph

This committee works together with one of the other committees to organize childcare  or play dates when needed.


School Lunches, Head: Mrs. Avigail Rudnick

This committee also works together with one of the other committee to prepare, when needed, bagged lunches and snacks for children in playgroup or school.


Driving/ Transportation, Head, Mrs. Shulamis Muller

When a ride is needed, whether once or on a regular basis, whether to the hospital, for a doctor’s appointment, to the airport or for shopping, the committee is called upon to meet the need.


Visiting and Connecting, Head: Mrs. Dena Seidenfeld

Providing Bikur Cholim or when a person may live alone and company is welcome, this committee assures that the connection is maintained for us all.


Hachnosas Orchim, Heads: Mrs. Shira Berkowitz and Mrs. Tzipporah Freedman

When accommodations are needed for visitors lacking other resources, whether for sleeping or meals, this committee facilitates the arrangements.


Social Events, Head: Mrs. Rachel Maultasch

This was already described earlier, but repeated here for emphasis!


Welcoming Committee, Heads: Reb. Bracha Steinberg and Mrs. Aliza Bulow

When a new family or individual moves to our community (Kain Yirbu!), this committee provides a warm welcome with arranged meals, a beautiful welcoming brochure of information about resources of our community- including doctors, kashrus, shaatnez, TAG, calendar of events, minyanim, places to shop and so on. The committee also organizes a “chavrusa” for each arrival to share know-how and street-smarts etc. about living in our community.


Learning Opportunities, Heads: Mrs. Aliza Bulow and Mrs. Karin Yanez

This was already described earlier, but repeated here for emphasis!

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