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We have had many and varied experiences during this time. Hopefully, many of the impressions we have formed are positive and inspirational.

As a community, we can share perspectives before they fade and put them to print in our upcoming dinner commemorative journal, “Kovid v’Oz – Honor and Courage” so that they can continue to inspire us and those around us for years to come.

Your ideas are valuable!

Please send your submission . Your submission can be from one paragraph to two pages long. Please allow for some minor editing.

  • What lessons did you glean?
  • What new appreciation for something/someone have you obtained through your experiences?
  • Was there an unexpected gain that came about during this time?
  • Was there something you found a benefit in losing?
  • Can you share an inspiration for the change of something in your life for the good?

We welcome submissions from community members of all ages!

We ask that submissions from those 15 and under be labeled by age and/or grade. We encourage parents to ask their children about their thoughts – the answers may surprise you!

Submissions are due by October 3rd to, or given directly to Nechama Darrow.
We hope to have the journal ready in conjunction with our Nishmas Dinner, as an additional way of publicizing our thanks to HKB”H!
All submissions will be entered into a drawing to win a $150 Visa Gift Card!

For additional details, please reach out to Nechama Darrow at 720-933-8903 or at

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