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This invaluable service focusing on internet responsibility is a branch of the international Technology Awareness Group. At no charge, our trained technician, Rabbi Avraham Berkowitz can work with you to strategize, identify and install solutions for your connected machines and devices that work seamlessly with your needs. The goal is to enable you to continue to use your devices as you have been using them until now, but without the risks related to the internet.

Please fill out the form below. This will enable us to properly develop a solution that works for you, enabling you to use the internet, computers and technology, while being in compliance with the requirements spelled out by the Rabbinic leaders of our generation. After receiving a filled out application we will be in contact you within a few days to begin. Please note that all decisions made in this process are yours. You will make the choice whether the process should involve your Rabbi or Mentor. We will suggest an approach that should fit your needs, while providing the necessary measures for responsible internet use. We will install and configure the solutions, (usually remotely), and be there to support your needs afterward.


How do you connect to the internet?
For what general purposes do you use the internet for?
May we discuss this with your Rabbi / Mentor?

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