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Childrens’ Programs in the Community

Avos U'BanimBnosPirchei

The classic Father and Son learning session that place during the winter months, each Motzoai Shabbos at Yeshiva Toras Chaim.  Rabbi Chaim Sher runs this very exciting program with raffles and prizes every week followed by a light Melaveh Malka!  During the Avos U’Banim season, there are also four major inter-community Melaveh Malkas.  The season ends with a Gala Melaveh Malka and a sefer given out to each boy who participated in the program.

Every Shabbos afternoon, while school is in session, all girls from preschool through 8th grade are invited to Bais Yaakov High School for their exciting Bnos program.  Many fun games are played and prizes are given out. There are also  beginning and end of year activities and a pre Purim activity that takes place on Sundays.
Each Shabbos afternoon while school is in session, all boys in grades 2-8 are invited to Yeshiva Toras Chaim to participate in the Pirchei program which includes learning, games and of course, nosh!
After the boys lead the first part of zemiros with the men, they enjoy a program of stories, parsha questions and/or supervised outdoor play. Each father who has a child participating in this program takes a turn to supervise and conduct this program.

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